Mansfield Park 1983


I love watching miniseries, so when I saw that there was an adaptation of Mansfield Park, I knew I had to watch it. And I am not disappointed that I did.

Sylvestra Le Touzel made me fall in love with Fanny Price. I liked her from the book, but this portrayal of the quiet yet steadfast Fanny was perfect and made me appreciate her more than I think I would have otherwise. You could see the emotions in her face, hear them in her voice. Things didn’t need a lot of explanation because they were there in her features. It was brilliant.

The entire cast was well chosen. Lady Bertram, portrayed by Angela Pleasence, was so well done. And the Crawfords were wonderfully portrayed. It was easy to see why each actor was chosen for his or her role.

The series also followed the book almost exactly. The only major deviation was at the end, when things were wrapped up too quickly. The ending of the book was not perfect, but a book can get away with that where a screen adaptation can not.

The production quality is not the same as modern films, but it was still very well done. I wil likely watch this again in the future, I liked it so much. If you haven’t read Mansfield Park but like watching miniseries, this would be a good one to try. If you have read the book and haven’t watched this, I highly recommend it.

If you like miniseries, let me know your favorite ones. I am always looking for new ones to watch!


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