Rilla of Ingleside Review

433533I spent the past couple of months listening to all of the Anne of Green Gables books on my commute. I read the first five books years ago and loved them, but never continued the series so decided to do this reread using audiobooks and finally finish the series.

I’m so glad I did!

Rilla of Ingleside, the final book in the series, focuses mainly on Anne’s youngest child Rilla. It’s set during World War One when Rilla is a teen. Through the course of the novel she grows from being a silly child into a beautiful young woman and the journey is both heartbreaking and beautiful.

This deals with the highs and lows of Canada during wartime and how the different people in the town reacted to the war. It was fascinating to read, particularly since L M Montgomery would have written this just after the war, maybe even during the war, so things are fresh and immediate. Some of this may have even been her own thoughts or those of her neighbors.

This is a fantastic novel about life and love and sacrifice and duty and worth and everything. It’s wonderful to see the life that Anne was able to create and the wonderful mother she was and the beautiful children that she had. The historical aspect of it is beautifully done.

Although this reads well as a conclusion to the series, I don’t think it’s entirely necessary to have read the previous novels as this can read well on its own.

I highly recommend this book and series. Beautiful writing and wonderful stories. I’m going to be trying more L M Montgomery books very soon.

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