A week ago today, my family had to say goodbye to another of our horses. Last year I talked about losing two of our horses unexpected and tragically. This one was a much more peaceful experience, but there is still grieving to be done.

Caramel was roughly thirty-seven years old. I say roughly because it’s hard to know these things. When we got her, we were told twenty-four, but once a horse reaches its twenties, it’s difficult to tell their age from the markings on their teeth. So she could have been older.

She was part of our family for the thirteen years that we had her and there will be a void now that she’s gone. Her passing was peaceful and she didn’t suffer, we were with her until the end.

It’s always difficult for me when I lose someone, because my thoughts are telling me that I should just keep on with life as usual, but my brain has its own ideas and realizes that life is no longer what it was before, so there can be no life as usual anymore. There has to be a grieving process and along the way you’ll find your new normal. At least, that’s how it works for me.

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