February Writing Reflections

Here were are the end of another month. How did that happen? Once again, I’m left floundering, wondering where the time has gone. But! It’s been a good month, overall. I did a lot of reading and started on a new writing project, finally.

My writing has not been as consistent this year as I had hoped to make it, but I have been writing, which is the important part. And I think I’ve decided to try something new this time around. Which seems like something I’ve said a dozen other times, so who knows how this will go, but experiments are always required to find what works.

My memory, at least when it comes to the stories I’m writing, is often a sieve. Aside from big aspects, everything is easily forgotten. I don’t know why this is, but it’s been the case for a long time. So writing an entire draft and then reading it again hasn’t always worked out well for me, since I have often forgotten things while I’ve written that then changed what came next. I know, it’s a problem.

So that leads me to this new experiment – editing as I go. Not sentence by sentence or anything crazy, but every few weeks. Instead of writing an entire draft I’ll write for a couple of weeks, spend some time revising what I’ve written the previous weeks, and then back to writing. It’ll be a cycle.

Have you tried this in your writing? Has it worked out well for you? What’s your process? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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