Worlds with Ruby and Falling Worlds Free Promo


I hope you are all safe and healthy as COVID-19 sweeps around the world. With more and more things shut down, there are many people affected by this virus, in a variety of ways. In an effort to do something, no matter how small, to help alleviate stress or anxiety, I’m running a five day promo on Amazon for both Worlds with Ruby and Falling Worlds.

The promo will run from March 17, 2020 at 12 AM PST through March 21, 2020.

These are short, novella length stories that will hopefully help you escape the stresses of life for half an hour or so. So please, download them during the promotion and enjoy the read.

Find Worlds with Ruby in the US store here. And Falling Worlds here. You can find them in the other Amazon stores by searching either title with C P Cabaniss. If you need help finding one, comment and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Please share the information with your friends and be kind to each other. Stay safe, friends.

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