working from home

The world has changed a lot in the last few weeks. With the rise of COVID-19, things are at a standstill in some parts of the world. Due to the pandemic, my job at the college I work for has moved online. It’s been an interesting shift and I’m sure for the students it’s even more of an adjustment.

Although I am very introverted and like my alone time, it’s also difficult to never leave my house. And never is a bit of a stretch, since I go outside to walk and take care of my horses, but I’m used to a bit more exploration of the world.

I always try to look on the bright side, so the two things that I am most grateful for right now are one: that I still have a job. So many people don’t and if you are one of them, I really hope this doesn’t last long for you! I don’t know that my job will remain consistent as it has in the past, but for right now, I’m glad to still be working. And two: I’m learning a lot about technology and online tools and how I can use them. These were things I needed to be exploring more, so being forced to use them is beneficial.

Aside from work working at home, life is mostly normal for me and I hope it stays that way. I hope and pray that this virus is eradicated and those affected can be comforted.

Please be safe, be careful, and try to stay healthy.

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