writing update

It’s the last day of the month and one of my goals for the year is to update this blog twice a month, so I’m squeaking in at the last minute.

Although my writing is never as productive as I wish it to be, I am quite pleased with my progress this month. I have continued work on the project I am zero drafting and begun a read through of a fantasy novel that I need to revise. I’m quite excited about that one.

In 2017-2018, I wrote around 86k of a fantasy novel and then abandoned it, for who knows what reason. Now that I’m delving back into it, I’m loving a lot of the characters and ideas, the world building is fun, and although there are many, many flaws, I can see a story in there. This is doable.

Do you abandon projects you love because you’re afraid of failure or rejection? I think that’s a big problem for me. But in abandoning it, I’m really rejecting it myself. And failing because I’m not finishing. So it’s a lose lose situation. Which is why I have to rewire my brain.

This is a jumbled update to say that I’m writing and revising and that one day I hope to have a novel to share with you all.

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