In the Rain

I saw you in the rain Your eyes bright and shining that old smile on your lips But the water never touched your skin And then, in the blink of an eye you slipped away Washed out of sight by a shower from the sky   Copyright 2018 by C P Cabaniss

Corner of Black and Gay

I was a naive thing when you met me. It was in that little shop on the corner of Black and Gay, I’m sure you remember the one? You walked in off the street in a cloud of misty fog. There was danger in your smile, mystery in your eyes. I fell under your spell […]

Call Her Mother

Call Her Mother Her tears break my heart I fall Into a sea of nothing Her sobs crush my soul I fall Over and over and over again The story has no end I call her mother Tell her I love her But the words, never leave my lips I can’t show what I feel […]