A week ago today, my family had to say goodbye to another of our horses. Last year I talked about losing two of our horses unexpected and tragically. This one was a much more peaceful experience, but there is still grieving to be done. Caramel was roughly thirty-seven years old. I say roughly because it’s […]

Writing Goals 2020

I’m not a person to set grand resolutions. I think that goals should morph and change over time and are something to be gradually achieved, not something to go into effect on an arbitrary date. To that end, I do have goals, but these are more just things I hope to achieve throughout the year. […]

Yallfest Tips 2019

2019 will mark my seventh Yallfest. The festival has changed a lot in the six years that I’ve attended, growing to include more authors, publishers, and attendees. Which is great, but can also be difficult to navigate, particularly for first time attendees who might not be familiar with the area. I’m going to discuss some […]