Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds | Review

This is a collection of the three novellas in the Stephen Leeds series – Legion, Skin Deep, and Lies of the Beholder. The story follows Stephen Leeds, a man with a version of schizophrenia where each of his “aspects” embodies a different portion of his genius. He, along with these aspects, solves crimes that others are unable to handle.

These have a great mystery and detective element to them. Stephen and his aspects are fun and the cases interesting. The story follows his changing mental state as it begins to deteriorate and the aspects act erratically.

The third story, Lies of the Beholder, was somewhat of a letdown for me. There wasn’t the same mystery detective feel to this one and although the ending was quite brilliant, the rest of the story was rather lackluster.

Overall a good collection of stories with a fascinating concept, but I think Sanderson could have done better if his focus were not on other projects. Being a fan of his fantasy, I can’t fault him for putting the focus there, but do think this story suffered because of that.

Have you read any of the Legion novellas?

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